“R” is FOR …. “R” NAME

This post is linked to  Alphabet Wednesday .  I’ve wanted to join this meme for a while but couldn’t seem to fit it into FullTime-Life, our main blog.

The letter for this week is ‘R’ and that stands for Rainville, our last name.

We spent some time in London a few years ago and our son e-mailed us that he had seen a reference to a “Rainville Road” in London.  So we went to see it.    Now I admit that if our name were “Jones’ or ‘Smith’ or ‘Green’,   we probably wouldn’t have gone to visit a road with our name….but at least in the Pacific Northwest,  USA, where we’re originally from, our name is a bit unusual (everyone who has it is related)… so it was fun to find this street.

It was a wonderful winding street on the Thames River, with lots of Courts and jogs.  It appeared to be a mixture of commercial and residential (old and newer).  We enjoyed wandering and wondering who the street was named for.

We didn’t have time to do research  while we were there  and made a mental note to try to find out more when we got back home.  The mental note is still back there — un-acted upon!   So many things to do….so little time!

Here is a link to the original post back when I first started to blog.  (We learned while we were on that trip.)

Thank you to Mrs Nesbitt, who hosts Alphabet Wednesday and to the bloggers whose alphabet posts I’ve enjoyed for so long.

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10 thoughts on ““R” is FOR …. “R” NAME

  1. That is so cool to find that road and your shots are very good. I regret that I wasn’t more into photography when I spent a summer in England a very long time ago. Carver ABC-Wed. Team

  2. Hello.
    How cool is that! It’s so much easier to find the name of an English street than it is to find an American one. Thanks for sharing.

    Return To Me

    If you are free, why not join me on Saturday June 2nd for the second Blog Hop Saturday! All you have to do is linkup, visit a few/all of the others in the Linky & just have fun. Hope you can make it!

  3. Yes, my grandfather’s name was John Smith, so although I am deeply proud of him and his heritage, I can also appreciate the benefits of having a more unique name, and checking out its namesake street 🙂

  4. That would be ABC Wednesday, BTW. Welcome! You seem to have caught on quite well!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Interesting post. Has this got you interested in your genealogy at all?

  6. What fun! We have alast name like yours everyone who has it is related ( and many who don’t). Thanks foe stopping by my blog yesterday. Dianne

  7. Debra

    Wow. That is really a great coincidence! Our neighbour once introduced himself as Grayson from Grayson Lane. My husband looked at each other and kind of winked. “Suuuuuure you are,” we thought. Of course it was all true. I think he had a lot of doing that to people to see their reactions.

  8. I loved your photos! I enjoy getting to know different places and ‘seeing’ them through others eyes.


  9. Interesting street – Rain Street.

  10. How neat, Sally! If I were you, I think I would want to know about the Rainville str. It must be a famous member you don’t know about! Preferrably a millionaire, haha:) Yay, you could jump over now to wordpress whenever you like:)

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